009_Page 7 Tuesday.19. teenth. July. 1842.

A schorching [sic] sun; but pleasant in the shade.


A member of the Ravel family

This morning I put all aside to commence this Journal and have succeeded in filling up the lost time as briefly as possible, intending to be more punctual in my actions for the future. The heat to-day is very oppressive. I cannot sew, read, or do anything but lie on the bed. This is the first day, my needle has been idle, my work draw still full to overflowing.
We went to Niblo’s in the evening, Garret, Julie, and I. The garden was crowded as usual, and not very warm; showers at a distance having cooled the air. The “Ravels,” amused us as usual. I did not feel very well when we set off, but laughing done me more good, than medicine.
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