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012_Page 10Monday.25.th.July.1842.

A decided change in the atmosphere.
Cool to day, as September.

I went out this morning early, purchased two
yds. and a quarter gross lining for my shirt.
also two pair shoes from Millers, Julie’s 7 shill.
Remsen’s six shillings. Added two breadths
to my shirt. Mr Anelli called on G. to. day.
Sis and I went to see Mrs A. after dinner. She
had gone to Hoboken. Met the “Champlins.”
I feel rather faint, went to bed on my return.
Garret came in, I do not complain to him
he does not like me to be in the least out
of order. I practised[sic] two hours on the piano,
to night, Garret went out for a walk.