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013_Page 11 Tuesday.26.th.July.1842.

A fine summers day, not very warm.

Our bed.room is always cool, and delightfull,
indeed this house is charming.
G. and I did not agree this morning in our
opinion of Lord Byron. as usual I gave up
the contest. In reality our opinions are the same,
but men are often destitute of that delicacy of
thought, which all females ought to enshrine in
their innermost hearts.
It is a refinement of
feeling not often appreciated, or cherished by the
other sex, but too frequently crushed or violated.
I took my accustomed seat and commenced
sewing. Julie, sat beside me with her books.
She does not improve much this warm
weather, as study seems a fatigue to her, and
I do not insist on her applying herself too closely.
The children run a great deal in the open air,
and seem full of health, and mischief.
Julie, has grown quite brown, playing in the
sun, she does not care for appearances.
Mr. H. is obliged to give up his “strong coffee”
as his had trembles so much, he can scarcely
write. For the last two months he as been
complaining of this unpleasant consequence,
ariseing from the too frequent use of “Tobacco, and Coffee”.
Neither of which, he is willing to resign.