014_Page 12Wednesday Thursday 27.th. July.1842. –New York.

Extremely warm. Thermometer at 90
in the shade.

This is the seventh anniversary of my wedding
day, but it was not remembered by either of
us untill dinner hour. Garret, drank my
health in a bumper of port and spoke of
a ride, but I declined on account of the heat.
I felt much oppressed by the weather, and could
not sit up, slept morning, and afternoon.
Did not attempt to sew, read Mr Shimeall’s
world“Age of the world”, when my eyes were open.
The evening was rather cooler, we passed
our evening together, G, and I , and recalled
the events of the past seven years.
My wedding day was beautifull, not so
debilitating as this, I do not think I
could have mustered courage, had it been
as unpleasant.
Every event of that eventfull season, crowded
back to my memory, and when by an ex-
perience so long, I yet have nothing to regret,
Am I not happy, much happier than when
treading life’s paths alone?