015_Page 13Thursday. 28.th. July. 1842.

Not as warm as yesterday, a breeze cooling
the air.

I was busily employed all the morning, and
did not dress. Catharine, came in to make
me a visit, she looks pale, and unwell.
We eat a slight dinner, and soon after C. was
taken sick, and obliged to vomit through the day.
She laid on my bed untill night, and then
felt much relieved. I was in great distress
being unaccustomed to an invalid.
Her spirits are good, but bodily health will affect
the lightest heart. She is so kind, so good, so dis
interested, so agreeable, that it seemed to me, a cruel
blight on so rare a flower. To see her in health
would be a great, and unspeakable pleasure to
my heart, as the few days she spend with me,
gave me a sad proof of the corroding disease
which preys both on her body, and mind.

At night C. sat up although she was very weak;
we had a long chat to-gether, on old friends.