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019_Page 17Monday. 1st. of August. 1842.

A very cool day, dark clouds flying around.

We all felt chilly this morning and put on our
thick clothes. It was an autumnal day, a great
change from yester morn. I sat sewing all
the morning as usual, and accomplished some
odds and ends.
A new green satin striped silk came home; it
suited me very well, with the exception of being rather too long.
We all went out after dinner. The boys to walk with Bridget, while Julie, and I proceeded up to Chelsea.
I wore my muslin dress, and white long shawl but found it too cool, a thick shawl and woolen
dress would have been more suitable.
We called on Mrs Mary Smith, spent an hour with her,
sat an hour with Mrs Woddruff; saw her little girl, a
dear little babe. I returned her the apron, Louis
stained, together with two, to replace it.
Sat a few moments with Catharine, and then rode
home. Remsen has looked pale as a ghost,
to day, I think he must feel unwell.
Mr Lockwood, called for Garret at tea hour, they
remained out untill after ten oclock.
I did not ask where they went, and G. did not tell
me, an unusual reserve for him.
It was an October night, and we were glad enough
to cover ourselves warmly and snug.