020_Page 18Wednesday. 3. d. of August. 1842.

A beautifull, cool summers day.

Our house has been very quiet to day, with the exception of a row occasionally among the children. My needle has been flying all the morning, finishing Remsen’s dresses, lengthening his waists. Julie, says her lessons, indifferently, she has been neglected too much lately. The warm weather must be our apology.I am undecided as to my visit to Marbletown. Garret does not seem to enjoy the idea of a sojourn in his native wilds. He would prefer any other place; but my word has passed to M, and we must not disappoint her.
My skin has been almost restored to its natural
appearance for the last month, so much so that
I have really felt happy. To-day it begins to
look rough again, and I am fearfull I shall be
disfigured before I make my jaunt. My health
is good, and appetite brisk enough for the season.