020_Page 18Tuesday 2nd. August 1842.

Still cool, and pleasant, warmer than

I prepared all my dispatches for Marbletown. Wrote to Maria,
to look for us on Wednesday next. Sent her crape shawl,
some myrrh [sic]j, and bark, by Simon, who left in the afternoon.
Bought 1 quart Cologne at “[Leins and Loius].”
I have felt quite chilly to.day, my teeth are sore and loose.
Julie, and I prepared to walk; Maria came in, we waited un-
till six oclock and then set out. I went to Mrs Harsons to
oblige Maria, saw the old lady, and Elizabeth the youngest daughter.
Mrs Halstead, had recovered her health in the country, our visit
was intended for her. Our walk in Broadway, was not [pleasant],
one is quite conspicuous, in august, so few ladies show
themselves in this unfashionable month.
We had a late tea, and good appetites. Garret, walked part
of the way home with Maria.
The boys went to the Square, to play; they did not get
asleep untill near nine oclock.
I walked the floor untill “mon mari” came home, we then
adjourned to bed. Agreable remembrances should be
cherished not forgotten.

The death of the Duc D Orleans eldest son of “Louis Phillipe”
King of France, is the topic of conversation at present.
He is much esteemed, and left a widow and two sons.
“Count of Paris” heir presumptive to the crown; is still an
infant, and “Duc de [Nemoras]” proposed at regent, in case
the old king should die during his [ministry].