026_Page 24 Marble town
Saturday. 13. teenth. August 1842.
A rainable day of showers, heat, and cold.

Garret, wished me to go with him to Rochester, At first I declined as the morning was warm, but concluded in the end to go. We had Mr Wigtons horse, before Benjamins waggon.
Our ride was pleasant, two incident occured [sic] in the woods, I lost my glove, and won a wager from G. which he paid on the spot. We took a nice dinner at “Mrs Crums,” about twenty miles from B.s. and after resting turned our faces homeward. G. stopped after on business, we had some showers, on our way to Mrs Snyders, I went in there a few moments, while G. went to see Mr Alliger.
027_Page 25 My visit was disagreeable, as I was heated, had a head.ache, and did not care to encounter strangers in this plight. Mr E Depuy’s family were spending the afternoon with Miss Snyder. She is handsome, and agreeable, invited me to call and see her. We reached home after tea hour, but Maria soon prepared us a fresh repost. My appetite was monstrous, but before I had swallowed two mouthfuls; company was ushered in, much to my “chagrin” Mr, Mrs, and Miss Cantine, came over to pass the evening. Margaret, and her mother soon came in, and our saloon was soon filled. I went to bed quite fatigued, my neck a little stiff from cold.