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029_Page 27catskll 2Wednesday. 17. teenth. August. 1842.
Mountain House. “Kaatskill”

We arose at five oclock to see the sun rise, but a provokeing mist prevented us from haveing this pleasure. I walked the piazza, untill eight oclock the break fast hour, admireing the scene around, the morning air was very chilly. An unexpected “friend” came in to see me this morning, we met in peace. My appetite not good to-day, altho! our fare is most excellent, my stomach is too much deranged to relish the dainties before us. Since yesterday morning I have not felt well, hope it will pass over soon. Find Mr, and Mrs B. very agreeable acquaintances, she is interesting, while he posses
great powers of amusement, which he liberally exerts for all.
After breakfast we all rode to the “Falls,” the road was rough, but romantic. I put on thin boots not thinking we would have to walk, but
found myself obliged to jump over rocks, and wade through quag.
mires for some distance. Mr Hasbrouck, and Mr Brown, went behind
the shot of water, a trifle in comparison to “Niagra.” Our ride
home was agreeable, my feet rather damp. The Fog is now clear
ing away, and the landscape below us presents the appearance
CatskillMountainHouseaof a beautifull painting, or panoramic view, while the noble
Hudson, now bounding our vision has dwindled to a small silver stream. The mist still hangs around the outskirt of the scene, shrouding this beautifull Temple, whose “maker, and builder is God.” Here we should purify our hearts from earth, and consecrate our Spirits to Heaven. My soul goes forth on
the wings of gratitude, and Love, to adore the “invisible Architect.”
We remain here to.day, and leave to.morrow, the circle here is
small, and little dress required. Mrs Brown, and sat I alone
she interesting me in her private affairs, we were soon interrupted
by “mon mari.” inviting us to a game of “nine-pins.” I saw
billiards played for the first time. A heavy rain came up
in the afternoon continueing all night. A merry party arrived
in the evening, and danced til 12. We retired at ten.

030_Page 28Mr Brown wishes us to join himself and wife in their jaunt to the Springs, we think it will be more agreeable than a “tete a tete” excursion. The wind blew, and rain fell in torrents all night sounding melancholy enough, so far from earth.


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