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Sunday. 21. st. August. 1842.

Cool delightfull day. almost too cool.

We break fasted at eight oclock, and at nine set off for the “Shaker Village”. The morning was delightfull, our carriage comfortable, and our spirits exhilarated by this combination
of all that we wished, so we started off in fine glee. 05-shaker-near-Lebanon-NY-Several-rows-of-Shakers-separated-by-gender-performing-a-step-dance-in-the-meeting-hall-at-New-Lebanon-New-York-drawn-from-life1Mr. B. amused us on the way, by his drolleries, and a short ride brought us to the elders mansion. We were separated on entering the hall, the gentlemen going on one side, we on the other. After sitting about ten minutes in the room surrounded by a dozen silent sisters, a few remarkes only being ventured, we were ushered into the meeting room, and very politely handed to our seats. The folding doors were then, thrown open, and the congregation assembled; might have numbered one hundred, perhaps more. They all stood up in rows in the centre of the room, males on one side, and females
opposite. The elder then took his text from the bible, and
made some good remarks, although the tendency of his dis
course, was to discourage the young folks from love, and matrimony
He then made a prayer, after which they sang several hymns
in loud melodious voices, keeping time with their hands, feet
and bodies; moving around two by two, untill the hymn was
finished. It was a sad, solemn sight, and we all felt serious
at the conclusion. We sat with them a few moments after the meeting was over, and then jumped in our carriage, much
pleased with the result of our visit. Mr. Brown; ordered the
shakerscoachman to drive untill dinner, the air was chilly, and our thick shawls requisite to comfort. The dinner table was full of new guests, but all remembered the day and were “still”. In the afternoon I went to bed, and fell asleep, and G. followed
my bad example. We passed our evening in the parlour
chatting, until bed-hour.
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