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035_Page 33Monday . 22.nd. of August. 1842.
Lebanon Springs.

The weather very hot to.day. We left Lebanon, in the stage at ten oclock, bidding Mr & Mrs Brown adieu, hopeing to meet them again in New York. I was the only lady in the stage, Mr Adams, Mr Graham, Br____ Mr H. and two other travellers made up our party. Our ride was delightfull at this fresh hour of morning. we stopped an hour at the depot and then proceeded in the car to Hudson. Mr. Adams addressed me, and we had a pleasant chat together. Our ride to Hudson, was not pleasant, we remained there until night. The day was very sultry, but we walked over the city, endeavoring to find Aunt Grier, but did not succeed. Ate a poor dinner, took a nap, and in the evening went down to the river, takeing a crazy little crowded boat for Kingston. I trembled all the way, and was thankfull to get safe on shore. Our ride by moonlight, to Kingston was romantic, and we found ourselves safe at the Public house by twelve oclock. Our bedroom was small and unpleasant, and the fare at this house poor I was introduced to John Hasbrouck Esq. at the table.