037_Page 35Monday. 29.th. August. 1842. Marble Town.

A clear sky, and the promise of a warm day. I arose at six this morning, slept well last night. Dr Wicks mended me some pens and I wrote two pages to Garret. Maria, took it to the Office, and brought me in return a “New World,” This was a disappointment to me as he constitutes the only “world” I care for. The receipt of this paper however assures me of his health and of his remembrance of me. We had a pleasant day. I finished Julie’s buff muslain. Mrs De Puy and Miss De Witt- called on me in due favour. At the tea table Louis behaved so badly I was compelled to whip him with a stick he is an unruly boy. The chastise-ment scene was beneficial to Julie, and Remsen, they had never seen me punish him before. The gentlemen were all out, or I should not have dared to make so much confusion. After tea Maria and I walked to the store. Called in at “Dr Issacs” was introduced to Edgar’s wife. Omitted my nap to.day.