037_Page 35Tuesday. 30 th. August. 1842. A Fine cool day, air pure, and charming. I kept my usual hour of ariseing six oclock. Bridget, washed this morning, the care of Remmy devolved on me. Julie, rode out with “Uncle Doe,” went to see Mrs Buddington. Looked sweet in her buff muslin dress. Brought home a superb bunch of flowers for Maria and I. from Mrs B. I mended clothes, and gammoned Maria, in the morning. In the afternoon at two oclock the “Farm- Waggon was brought up, and Margaret, the children, Bridget and myself, with Black Devy for our diner, set off for Uncle Benjamins (1764-1843). The sun at this hour, was broiling over my head, and little Remmy asleep on my lap, while slight shocks from the rough roads, made my ride any thing but agreable.

On our arrival at the house we found ourselves quite unexpected guests. I had warned Margret of this, but in the county, their mottoe 038_Page 36is “Take me, as you find me.” The lady to whom our visit was intended was busily engaged in the fields, and we were left to survey a cheer- less scene, until she arrived. We found dust, dirt, flies, confusion, old age, infancy, good cheer, and hospitality, a singular mixture all combined in this antiquated mansion. The house was ancient, and the birth place of Garrets father. his old Uncle, who now inherits it fast approaching the grave. A portrait of his great, great, great, grandmother, a stylish old lady, still graces the walls. Her dress both in colour and fashion resembles mine, altho probably a century has passed over it. Annette, is a clever woman, quite pretty, and full of hospitality. She gave us a good tea, and we returned late at night quite pleased with our novel entertainment. I sat a few moments in the old mans room, the scene was a painfull lesson. Here was a picture new to my eyes, old age, death, and an undying spirit struggling for mastery and in the absence of every worldly luxury, or even comfort, sat the dying man. His mind was wandering and the expression of his face unpleasant. I played back gammon with the Dr on my return and then to bed, sleepy and fatigued.