039_Page 37Marble Town.
September 1.st. Thursday. 1842.

A fine day, rather too warm at noon. I wrote a long letter to G. to beg him to leave us one week longer in the country. We dressed in haste to visit “High Falls”. Maria, Julie, myself and “Dr Wicks” set off at twelve oclock, in a small open waggon, but the beauty of the scene, and the fresh air, compen sated for all lack of room. Maria, sat on a little bench in front. We found our friends expecting us, and passed a charming day, in their tastefull mansion. After dinner we all went to the Mill to be weighed. I only reached 92.lbs. Margaret joined us at tea, the Dr. also came in. I rode home in his waggon, with Julie on my lap. Dr.Wicks gave Maria a great fright, on the way home; and I felt a little apprehensive for the childrens safety. But our excursion ended well, and is a green spot to dwell upon; when memory pictures the past to my view. The children looked sweet.