041_Page 39Marble.Town. Tuesday. 6.th. September. 1842.

A lovely day, cool atmosphere. We spent our morning as usual, and concluded after dinner to take tea out, little thinking of the adventures about to befall us. After a great many plans had been made, and rejected, to give place to little ones, or rather more convenient ones, we at last decided to set off in a double house waggon, borrowed for the purpose from Mr Cantine. The equipage was not very stylish, and the horses, harness, and accoutrements somewhat quinttish But no matter, we set off in high glee, Maria, Julie, Garret my self and “Dr Wicks,” who was our driver on the occasion. We all passed a pleasant afternoon, and were hospitably received. The gentleman, thought the “pretty blackeyed daughter”,spent too much time in getting tea, a duty the mother should have attended too [sic], leaving us a “feast of eyes”, while she was preparing the “feast of mouths.” Our refreshments were not fit for the gods, altho- prepared by a “Hebe”(1)

(1)Hebe- In Greek mythology, Hēbē is the goddess of youth (Roman equivalent: Juventas)