041_Page 39As soon as our meal was ended, we bade farewell, and stumbled into our barruche [sic], Garret instead of pulling down our dresses, drawing them up; to the great delight of the lookers on, Mrs L. was c___ laughter, but Dr. W. modestly walked to the horses heads. Unfortunately we took the canal past home, and found ourselves bumping about in deep mires and mud.hobs. A heavy rain d___ rendered it almost impassible, and we not knowing our danger went along singing as gaily as possible. Our mirth however was soon at an end, for just as Dr. Wicks, was carolling a st___ to “L__gs eyes” and imprudently turning around to us, the waggon went down in a steep hole, and before righting itself, snapped a spring, with any thing but a musical sound to my ears. In this plight we jagged slowly home, the night, dark & damp, and the Canal, almost at the side of our wheels. All balanced well but me,and I got over the fright, when we got away from the water, and had our spring tied with a rope. We met the Dr at High Falls, in a serape a professional one I mean. At ten we reached home.

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Wendesday. 7.th. September. 1842.

A Beautifull day quite cool. In despite of our disaster last night, to day we made up a party to spend the afternoon, with Dominie Alliger, at his new parsonage. I went with Dr [Take], and Julie, Garret drove Margaret and Louis we had some troubled waters in making our arrangements but they became smoothe before we set off. Our visit was very pleasing to me, and the young couple we visited very interesting They have a sweet little boy, the only child besides my own I could kiss, with pleasure. Her housekeeping are first rate, and I should like to spend a week with her, as we are congenial souls I am certain. We had a charming ride home, the Dr. comeing for us, and taking his tea after we had all finished. This was my last visit in the country, and I enjoyed it knowing it to be the last. To.morrow we bid all our friends adieu, and hasten to our city home.