043_Page 41New.York. September.8.th. Thursday night.

At home. We reached home at six this evening, and found our housekeeper awaiting our arrival. The house looked sweet, and clean and my cup of happiness was full, as we were all safely moved at last in a haven of peace. I unpacked my trunks, or at least Garret did, and one half my things, were arranged before bed.time. We rested sweetly in our own domicile. Our jaunt down was pleasant, no perils, or frights. The children behaved themselves well. We met Mr, and Mrs Jansen on board the boat. Margaret, and Benjamin put us up a large box of peaches, to bring home for preserves. Maria, was quite melancholy at parting from us; Julie shed tears, and was unwilling to leave Marble.Town. We bade the Dr good.bye just as we left the gate, he promised to come down soon. The morning air was quite cold, and I began to regret not putting on a warmer dress, but on the steam.boat it became quite sultry. We dined on Board, but G. thinks the fare miserable, and not worth the trouble of going down stairs. I left the country with much regret, altho I should not have wished to re- main away from home much longer, knowing Garret, misses us all, and finds no pleasure in his solitary meals. His appetite when alone is poor, and spirits I expect depressed, so we must all come back to direct our lord and Master.”