046_Page 44Thursday. 22.nd. September. 1842. New.York.

Young winter, the clouds dark, and wintry, the atmosphere cold and snow almost at hand. The sun gleams out brightly enough sometimes. Come down to a nice fire this morning, it was really nessessary [sic] for comfort. My cold rather better; Garret thinks his prescriptions magical in their effects. We both soaked our feet in hot water last night. I did not like to leave the fire, but spent two hours in arranging matters, and things above stairs. Cut out two pair fine linen pillow. cases this morning. Finished makeing one, by one oclock. Mon Marie, gave me four dollars last night. Paid one shilling for the Herald this morning. Put on my winter “mous de laine”, it feels comfortable but looks rather soiled. Bought a pumpkin this morning, for the first this season. Had some cake made, but it was spoiled in the bakeing. Mr H, did not come home to dinner, my appetite of course was indifferent. I bought oysters for his supper, he paid me for them on the spot. A ring of the bell alarmed us, but it was not company as we both feared, but a “dead rat” nicely enveloped in three covers, with the name of “Septic” written on it. The mystery still remains unsolved, G cannot imagine who the donor was, and thinks it a mistake, although he was enquired [sic] for by name. Mr H. felt very sleepy, and wished me to go to bed at nine oclock. I did not think it possible to sleep and begged him to go up without me, as I was finishing some pieces of work. He did not like my refusal, and was highly offended. The night was very cold, and clear, we were all glad to get on under comforters. At ten I retired to my room, no “moschitoes [sic]” since “Jack Frost’s” arrival. Discontinued taking Tea, to day.