047_Page 45Friday. 23. September. 1842. New.York.

Clear blue sky, but will cold, and windy. A Fine delightfull

Our breakfast rather late this morning. My cold much better, Remsen coughs very much. I made pumpkin pies, this morning. My cook is rather stupid about bakeing. Walked out with Julie, endeavored to find Ann’s residence, but could not succeed. Feet quite cold, went up “Canal Street,” bought Toys for the children 50 cts A comb, and brush 2 shil, 6 pence. Met Mrs Phelps, and mother in the street, they did not see me, and I felt too cold to stop and speak. “Auld lang Syne,” recalls many unpleasant reflections. We made a late dinner, Mr Hasbrouck, did not join us; the tomato’s [sic], and pumpkin pies miss him very much. Catharine came in after dinner, eat a piece of pie. She had been visiting on the other side of the town. She left before tea, The weather is moderateing very much, our coal fire too warm. We opened all the windows to get air. I sent the boys to bed early, Julie broke a tumbler by accident. Mr H came in, [eat] some oysters, and then went out for two hours. He does not spend any time at home, unless to sleep. I read a little, sewed a little, and then feeling stupid, and dull prepared for bed. I purchased the “Captain Knight” for Sis to learn. Sent mother a piece of “pumpkin pie.” G. rather “distrait” to night; The incessant fatigue of business wears him out.