048_Page 46Saturday. 24. th. September. 1842.
A bright, cold day. November weather.
Came down to a snug fire this morning. Felt much better of my cold. Went out to walk at eleven oclock to get myself warm, I feel so cool when sitting, even by the fire. Went to see the fashions at Miss Wittinghams.” Her bonnets are pretty, the The Met collectioncrowns a little raised. Was measured at Middletons for a pair of Boots. Bought two cakes “Almond soap,” eight pence. Garters for Julie, 6 pence. Broadway was gay and full of people, the fine morning brings them out. I met “mrs Torry” and “Dr Fisher.” In the afternoon Julie, went with me to see “Ann Mc Ginny” We found her in small rooms, but neat and clean. She appeared pretty well, her husband seems kind, but looks thin pale and delicate. The baby was so small we could not examine it. Sis gave it a dress and petticoat. I hope they will do well, as it is a pitable sight to see a young couple destitute of comforts, in this cold world. Eugene, took tea with us, and spent the The Met collection llevening. The children are very fond of his company, his stories amuse them nightly.