049_Page 47Monday, 26.th. September. 1842

Weather very moderate to.day, the sun too warm.

I went out with Juile, stopped in at Millers, bought a pair of shoes for her, had her measured for gaiters. Returned home, trimmed my amazon, with an old ribbon, it will not do to wear for my best bonnet. Ordered three yds ¼ Fringe made for my dress; or rather cape
Bought a paper of pins, 1. shilling.
Felt a little faint before dinner, chilly also. Took port.wine.
Mr H. came home to dinner; an unexpected pleasure to me I walked for exercise up Hudson bonnetsstreet, in the afternoon. Garret, met Mr Brown, in Broadway to night, they have just returned from Washington. I made a pair pantalets for Louis, or Remsen, I mean this evening. Mrs. Halsted, called to see me this morning. She looks much better, then when I saw her last.