051_Page 49Tuesday. 27.th. September. 1842.

A warm day, summer come back once more. Louis, and I went down to the store, we rode part of the way down, but walked up. The heat was really oppressive we both felt it, and were glad to rush home. Louis, behaved very well, not getting out of patience more than three times. My intention was to get a ribbon to trim my bonnet, but concluded to get a cheap bonnet for the Fall. Garret, gave me a small crovet [sic], and seven yards mous de laine for Remsen, and Julie dresses. I would not accept his generous offer to take a dress myself, as it really was not nesscessary. I met “Mrs Hubbell”, she did not recognize me. Her appearence was quite stylish. Spent one shilling in my travels. Looked at Bonnets in Miss Aikin’s, also the “coloured amazons”, in Broadway. Mother, and Catharine sat an hour with me in the afternoon. They did not remain to tea. I sat sewing all the evening.