053_Page 51Friday. 30. th. September. 1842. New. York.

Clouded sky, and some appearance of rain. We all felt sleepy this morning, haveing kept later hours last night than usual. I employed myself for two hours, washing up cups, and putting all things in order. At twelve oclock went down to pay Mrs Sayes for Cake. Mrs Parsons, pronounced quite an eulogium (1) on Mr Hasbrouck. Calling him generous, noble, and good, all of these fine qualities she had, had the penetration to discover. I paid her twelve shillings. A slight shower over took me but I persevered, and went up Hudson Street to get some collars, which were an expense to me of five shillings. I stopped to order a white bonnet, unfortunately.
(1) eulogium – a formal expression of praise for someone who has died recently