054_Page 52Sunday. 2nd, October. 1842.
A beautifull day.
We went to Church in the morning, Mr H. left Juile and I, to go up to “Mr Dewy’s.” Our sermon was for the sabbath schools, an interesting discourse, but unfortunately I was not prepared to give, not knowing a collection was to be made. My will was good, but the means of doing any actual service, to the destitute missionaries, are not in my power. The text was from Proverbs, “My Son if sinners entice thee, consent not,” and admirable theme for the young. Our walk home was too warm for comfort, Julie complained very much of the heat. I slept two hour after dinner, in the evening went up to see Mr Dewy’s Church. The Church is magnificent, the music delightfull, and the sermon the best, I have heard in years. Mr Channing, a nephew of the great divine was our preacher His voice, and delivery were agreable, and the style of his writeings were classic, and profound. Jesus Christ, although not mentioned as equal with God, was introduced in the most beautifull manner; and held up as our model, and the Captain of our salvation. His comparisons between the formation of the Christians character, and the building of Solomans temple, was carried on in the most masterly manner. I was delighted with the whole performance, but did not concede one thought, derogatory to my own profession. Met Mrs Robinson in Church, and shook hands with her.