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Tuesday. October. 4.th. 1842.
A fine, cool, day.
We made all preparations for our expected guest, but our trouble was in vain, as Mr H sent me a ^note to regret indisposition would prevent Mrs Brown from keeping her engagement. To.morrow they sail for Charleston, and it may be, we never shall meet again. They are the “First Strangers” we have entertained since my marriage. I went up to Mr [Pazmey’s] took Julie with me, we were kept waiting so long, I left, intending to call again. Mr P. did not recognize me, and I felt diffident about introducing myself. The morning was delightfull for walking, but the streets were deserted, as every one had hurried down to the “Commencement of Columbia College”; held in the Dutch Church. Julie seemed fatigued by her walk, but did not complain of heat, altho she was dressed in her velvet tunic. I sent a note of apology to Catharine as I feared she might be expecting us. Exchanged my white bonnet, for a greet satin, it suites me better.


A History of Columbia College in Postcards