056_Page 54Wednesday. 5.th. October. 1842.
Beautifull weather, just about a proper medium between heat, and cold.
My morning was spent at home, mending clothes, and arrangeing my draws. Commenced a cross [baned] de laine for Remsen. Julia, unwell to.day, her bowels affected; I feared a chill, she was so cold, and weary. Gave her peppermint. Eugene, brought home a book he had borrowed, “Salmagundi” Mr H. came home to dinner; we had broiled chickens. It was a favorite dinner with all; too much so with me. I walked out after dinner, called to see Deborah, she was out as usual. Dislike walking Broadway alone, it is so conspicuous. Garret, brought home a pocket full of money to.night. Gave me five dollars, and promised me “ten more,” on certain conditions. He paid our “Tea bill”, and “Grocers Bill.” I sat alone all the evening sewing. Read a short time in “Scotts Bible.” We retired after our usual bed-hour; the moschetoes [sic] do not trouble us any more, as cold weather has frozen their energies. My sleep was “doubly sweet” to night. The children more reasonable than usual, the two past days. I fine converseing with them, renders them more docile. Met the Miss Champlins in the street. Have not worn my new bonnet yet.