057_Page 55Thursday. 6. th. October. 1842. New.York.
A lovely autumnal day, quiet, and sweet. We burn large fires in our basement, the morning and evenings are cool. I sit in my room all the day; but spend my evenings with G. before the fire Took Louis, and went up to Mr Pusuly’s shook hands with Mr. P. he recognized me, and called me “Julia”. I spoke with his brother on Maria’s business. Rode down to Mr Middletons, he persuaded me to keep the Boots, I do not like them on trial. they are too wide over the toe. Spoke to Mrs E. Willett, in the store, she was very gracious, promised to come and see me with her husband. Her good looks still remain, unchanged, white teeth, and bright eyes, always command admiration. We walked home, I spent twenty eight cents, in my travels. A box for myself 12-cents. All Julie 6 cts. candy. 3 cts. Tickets 6 cts. Sat down in the basement to sew; Mother, and Maria came in, sat an hour. Looked at my new bonnet. Gave mother a slice of cake as she could not take tea with me.