062_Page 60Tuesday. 25.th.October 1842.

A very heavy rain, but excessively mild.

Eleven days have passed, since I last wrote in this Book, such beautifull ones too, that the time usually devoted to my domestic pursuits, has been spent in walking in the brilliant sunshine in this delightfull October. The uninterrupted beauty in this months has been generally remarked, I could not remember one so fine and mild. A few showers at night to ally the dust, have been the only interruption.
Julie, and I have not forgotten to make hay while the sun shone, as we have walked out every day the past fortnight.
On Thursday. 21. st. October, Maria Hasbrouck surprised us by a visit; she left again on Monday. 25. th. She has lately commenced keeping house for the Dr, and wished to purchase some articles of furniture. We went together to see the Fountain, to the Fair, and to the “Raimers Concert.” The weather was charming while she was in the city; but her health was so delicate she could not enjoy it. Another Friend came in on Thursday. 21. st. October. I went to Parmly’s with M. and down to the store; we saw all that was to be seen in Broadway, and rode both up, and down We did not get tot Chelsea, but was invited to tea on Saturday. I sent for the Backgammon Board to amuse M.
On Friday, Maria L. came down, staid all night, went to the concert with us. Julie, went also but was not much pleased, Miss Champlin, sat behind us. Dr Wicks, sent Julie a beautifull little letter, I was obliged to answer it for her by Maria. She sent him two songs. I sent “Johnny” a mouse delaine dress.