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Wednesday.OCtober 26. th. 1842.

A bright, beautifull morning after the rain.

I went out soon after breakfast on business, engaged Mrs Bloodgood to make my “blue figured silk, and mous- de Laine over again”; they both want repairing.
Was measured at MIllers for a pair boots, returned a pair shoes too short, which were paid for. Looked for Cloaks at Wittinghams [sic], and Hassels, both sold out. Sent the children out to walk; they are all well, and in good spirits. Met Josephine Lawrenece, quite respectable already.
My complexion has become so much improved, I do not repine quite so much as usual, but feel thankfull for the recovery without having recourse to remedies. have not dieted, but eat with a good appetite; and drink Port.Wine to make me strong.
Presented Bridge; with my old velvet bonnet, Gave Catharine my old Tuscan. They neither of them deserved the gift, if the remarks, Julia repeated to me are true; but I disdain a servants scandal and shall await some other occasion to reprove them both. Ingratitude is provincial, why should I be exempt from the common lot of mortals?!!
Received coating batting are lineing for two “comfortables”. Took my brown Boots to be mended. Sent three pair of childrens shoes to the “Cobbler’s.” to be repaired.