064_Page 62Friday 28.th. November. 1842.

A lovely, bright, glowing, Autumnal day.

Julie, went home with her Aunt Kate; after a great fixation, and fuss. Mrs Bloodgood, came to fit a waist, for me, she put a belt on Louis new pantaloons.
I was cold, and did not feel very well, sat an hour by the fire, took a short walk with the Boys. Dined, early and went up to tea at mothers, the Boys went with me.
They had a fine romp; and behaved tolerably well. Remsen fell asleep on my lap; we came home early on his account. Garret, went out to get his “beer” and staid out until half past eleven; a most unheard of dissipation for him.
I slept in the Chair, before the fire, awaiting his return.
Julie, cried when I bid her good-bye; and wanted to
return home with us.