067_Page 65 Thursday. 3. d. November. 1842.

Shall I say over, and over another lovely day.

To stay at home such fine weather is impossible, so I engaged to bring Remsen down to the store at 12 oclock, to bring Louis home, and see Cornelius. Louis, went down after breakfast with his father. Remsen gave me no peace untill I set off on my ride. We went to see the “century Plant” again; and then sat an hour at the store.
Had a chat with Cornelius, he looks rough enough. Took ten yds fine white-flannel, 5 yds cambric muslin, 3yds incertain for pantalets.Rode home with the boys, Remsen fell asleep in the stage. Louis, was very troublesome at the store. Bridget, washed the windows on the second floor; during my absence. Mrs Hale, took tea with me, I did not expect her, and had not made any preparations. Garrett went home with her.