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070_Page 68Friday 11.th.November. 1842.

Cold, keen, wintry weather.

I went down to John street, to purchase two [seins] at the Quaker establishment, to send to Charleston. Paid 2 shil, 6 pence a piece. Went to the store to warm my fingers, found Mr Lockwood and G. in close confab. Ferdinand [Julia’s brother] came in for a few moments; I had a joke with Mr L. about some money. Went out with mon marie, he took me to a furriers, and presented me a beautiful muff, silver fox skin, price 25.$
A small yellow muff for Julie 3 $.
From there we journeyed up to Stuarts, and purchased the following articles.
Black velvet Cardinal 42 $.
Two pair merino hose 1$.50.
Two pair kid gloves 1$.25.
12 yds mouse de laine
I put on my new cloak, bid G good morning, and returned home well pleased with my presents. What a comfortable thing it is, to have a generous husband, particularly when cold weather approaches!! This outward show, cannot however control the affections of a pure and honest heart, altho gratitude, and love often go hand in hand. One feeling, often produces the other.
Confab – a conversation