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076_Page 74Wednesday. 23. d. November. 1842.

Mild, and pleasant weather.

I did not spin street yarn to.day, but spent the morning making up my book accounts, which have been too much neglected. Tried to get all strait if possible. Received by Miss De Witt, letters from Maria, with commissions; also a pretty note to Juile from her friend Dr Wicks. The children walked out to day, the air was fine and warm. We heard a lecture on “Texas” by the Reverend Mr [Perry] who had been in the battle of “San Jacintho (1) [sic]”. and gave a full account of the revolution. We were disappointed, I could scarcely keep awake. The audience was very large. Garret, has a bad cold in his head; he went to water island (2), to day, did not come home to dinner. Says he felt cross to day does not like honey on the tea table, makes the children too sticky.
(1) Battle of San Jacinto was Fought on April 21, 1836 in what is now Harris County battleTexas. This was the battle that decided the fate of the Texas Revolution and was led by General Sam Houston. Approximately 630 Mexican soldiers and nine Texans were killed.
(2) Water Island is a hamlet in Suffolk County, NY on Fire Island.