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076_Page 74Thursday. 24. th. November. 1842.
Clear, and mild, rain haveing fallen through the night.

Felt it my imperative duty to write up this journal to. day. as I was three weeks in the arrears [an overdue debt] and could not neglect it any longer. Made up my Cash account yesterday morning. Have been looking for Larina this morning, she left word, she would come to day. My back aches writing, but the pleasant retrospection of having done my dreaded task, is a sovereign cure. I do not write any more in the evening, Mr H generally reads aloud, in this sway my “note of Time”, gets lost. My present of Beer, comes very acceptable, just before returning, that is the only time I can drink it, I hope its affects will be good, and that I shall get some flesh on my bones. The bitter taste is more agreeable now, than it was at first, but still it is something of a dose. Port Wine, takes the decided preference in my choice…

077_Page 75Paid our post man to.day. 1$. 4cts. Remsen looking pale not very well in his bowels.