078_Page 76Tuesday. 29. th. November. 1842.

A very cold day, but bright, and clear.

I ran down in the basement to dress, finding it too cold in my bed room, kept on my double gown, and left my curls in paper. “Dr Hasbrouck”, surprised us just as we were sitting down to breakfast. I did not run but received him as courtly as possible. He says the cold was intense on the water. G. pointed to a name on the bank reciepts list which surprised me a little, altho I had heard it rummoured before. I went up, and sat the morning with mother, C, was complaining not well. Met Mary De Witt that was, in the stage. Returned home in time for a hearty dinner. Played back.gammen, and dominoes with the Dr; he was the victor in the last game.