078_Page 76Wednesday. 30. th. November. 1842.

A fine snow storm; old fashioned, and cold.

The last day of Autumn, leaves us in a sad plight, our streets covered with ice, and snow; and our fingers frozen stiff. But we cannot complain, as her favours and bright sunny days, were unequalled, in the commence ment of the season. I made a cap for Julie, mended Louis coat, altered his pantaloons, and felt a thousand little cares of this kind pressing on me. Julie’s; lessons are still unsaid; she gets neglected sometimes This day will be dull enough for the Dr; I fear, as I can procure no variety in such a storm. Young ladies are scarce articles in Van Dam street; at least I do not know a single individual, by name or sight.

Since pantaloons have been mentioned, i thought i would include an image of a pair.

1830-linen-pantaloon-1830-40-metPantaloons were recommended for men whose legs were both slim and muscular. The idea was to show off a good leg. If men possessed deficiencies in musculature, a slight degree of stuffing was recommended, although padding, it was assumed, would be used with the greatest care and circumspection. Interestingly, stockings worn under pantaloons were kept in place by the tightness of the design and fabric.
~ Regency Fashion for Men