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080_Page 78Thursday. 1 st of December. 1842.

Very cold, ground covered with snow; freezing all day.

Winter; comes at last, bringing in her train, ice, snow, and all the other concomitant disagreeables of her reign. Canals are frozen, and the ice forming rapidly in the Hudson. I felt a cold coming on me to.day; my chest weak. Benjamin [Garret’s brother from Stone Ridge], came down the river to.day he brought us a present of two barrels apples, one of onions, and a few sausages. G. bought from him, 7.Turkeys. 1. Tub butter. M Lockwood, and nephew called in the evening, tasted his Beer, pronounced it first rate. They left soon. I played back.gammon with the Dr, we sat in the Basement. Garret, and Benjamin occupied the parlour. B and the Dr do not speak to each other, this makes their visit rather unpleasant; all around, mon marie will endeavor to heal the difficulties. We all sat up untill twelve oclock. The cold was intense. Water froze stiff in the Dr’s Room.