081_Page 79Saturday. 3d. December. 1842.
A bright sunshine, pavements drying fast under its rays.

I regret my cold, as it prevents my haveing some friends here tonight, or going out with the Dr to Chelsea. Made pumpkin pies this morning. Eating, and drinking occupies too much time, the days are so short, we have little time for business. When we get alone, I shall strive to make less preparation for the palate. Julie’s lessons are neglected to day, my chest feels weak; and I want to keep my self still. Louis and “Uncle Doe” took tea at mothers, they did not return until near ten. Aunt Kate wrote a few lines, to tell me of Louis bad behaviour. He is an unmanageable boy, and will say naughty words. Garret, sat at home reading the news; poor little Julie went early to bed, her cold comeing on makes her feel stupid. The streets were very wet to night, and atmosphere only one [—ore] from rain. These sudden changes are sad for the health.