082_Page 80Tuesday. 6th. December. 1842.
A bright sun, and dry pavements.

The river open to Hudson, the boats intend to go through to Albany if possible to.day. I was full of business all day, having prevailed on the Dr to remain over to night, to see some young ladies. Sent my invitations up town, made my preparations at home, and felt quite fearfull of over exerting myself. The children were all half sick; Little Remsen complained considerably. Julie’s bowels have been out of order two days past. At five the ladies came; two Miss Onderdonks, Two Miss Babcocks, two Miss L’s Two Miss Moore’s and Miss Haswell. The three Miss Remsen’s could not accept. Ferdinand & Bell, came up also, we had a nice tea in the basement, C pouring it out for me. I took my seat at the piano, and the dancing commenced, not finishing until near twelve. Mr Lockwoods came in, and was quite an addition, being a first rate dancer. Garret, was so inspired as to dance every time, and quite attentive to his partner Miss M. O. Our evening passed quite agreeably away; altho the Dr did not feel well, and was quite dull. At twelve we all went off to bed. Our supper table was in the Basement room.

The Three Miss Rhinds called on me this morning. Isabella also.