083_Page 81Wednesday. 7th. of December. 1842.

Bright; and moderate. Snow fell in the night, but the sun melts it off fast.

I wrote to Maria this morning, the Dr thinks of leaving to.day. My cold is much better but I dare not stir out; the streets are very damp. Moved the Piano, out of the corner this morning, think the heat of the fire will ruin it. The rooms do not appear quite as well, but habits will soon reconcile me to the change. The Dr bade us good-bye after dinner, Julie, gave him “my dear one” to sing in remembrance of her. She was quite affected as parting from him. We were alone once more, and our tea table as quiet as usual. Mr H. went to the Lecture, hear Mr Choules, and a poem repeated by Mr Cutter. I felt quite unwell, my chest painfull.