084_Page 82Saturday. 10. th. of December. 1842.

Mild, clear, damp, and unpleasant.

My cold much better to.day, the children also seem more lively, and cheerfull than they have been. Obliged to give Julie, “Chalk mixture” yet her complaint unchecked. Looked at the Butter, Benjamin brought us, find it poor and strong. Will use it for cooking, and the kitchen. Would like a walk, or ride to.day, but must not venture too soon. Regret, not being able to go to Church to.morrow. The sun shines brightly enough now. Felt stupid after dinner, sitting so much, and not exercising in the open air. Played on the Piano a short time, Juile does not care to sing unless for company. I must break her of this pernicious train of feelings. We danced a little to arouse our physical developments.