085_Page 83Monday. 12.th. of December. 1842.

Mild atmosphere, and partially clear sky.

Gave Julie her lessons this morning, she has commenced committing to memory the “sermon on the Mount” Maria L with the Miss Babcocks paid me a visit. They were out on a Broadway expedition. I sat all the morning striving to concoct a letter; find it hard work, to elevate my style of composition. Louis, sick with a slight fever, and cold, he laid in bed all day. Complains of pains in his legs. Sat in the parlour, basement I mean all the evening, counting silver dollars. Was cheerfull when the fever left him. Soaked his feet, and put him to bed. Julie, quite well to.day, altho her cold still troubles her. Remmy quite cheerfull. My chest, and lungs almost well, but my head quite stuffed. Regret not haveing walked out this morning, was fearfull of the streets; but G. tells me they are quite dry. My blue and black silk, came home to.day altered but not much improved. G purchased a new pail for Bridget [the house servant], price ten shillings. I sewed on a summer night gown to night; Julie, sewed baby rags, G read the newspaper, and Louis rettled his money. Drank on tumbler and a half of Beer, eat two crackers, and one apple; this is my nightly supper. G. offered me one dollar. I paid Bridget 2. pd.