086_Page 84Tuesday. 13. teenth. of December. 1842.

A terrible storm of rain, snow, sleet, and wind, but not very cold.

Streets deserted and full of snow. These dark mornings make us very lazy, bed is so charming it is terrible to jump up, or rather in, other scenes, and climates. I bundle up, and fly to the basement fire to dress. Remsen strutts out all curious observes; from the street. We gave Louis, oil this morning, the little fellow looks pale, and miserable, but will not give up. I finished a rough copy of my letter this morning. Lunched on an apple, this is my daily treat. Must go and dress, it is now after one, and I have not touched a needle or heard Julie, her lessons yet. Mr H. did not go to the store after dinner, the streets were diserted [sic]. Louis, passed the day better than I expected, his medicine did not make him sick, altho’ I had made a fire in the nursery, fear- ing it might. The afternoon was short, and dark. Garret, made a great discovery to.night, but I will spare the recital of the story.