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087_Page 85Friday. 16. teenth. December. 1842.

A pleasant day, mild atmosphere.

I sat all the morning writing to Geneva, and at two oclock started for a walk. Went up Broadway exchanged “Jim Crow” for “Jim along Josey” Sis likes it better. She is now learning “Miss Lucy Long “ to tease Aunt Cate. I am learning a piece from “Gustavous the Third.” Felt a little chilly after my walk, but took a glass of Beer, to dim it ladys compaway. My appetite very good, complexion tolerable, and cold almost well M H bought me the first number of “Alison’s History of the revolution. The afternoons are so short, I can do nothing after dinner, but read or, play on the piano. Received a note from Maria H. She wishes a publication sent her the “Lady Companion“.(1)
(1)”The Lady’s Companion”, a monthly magazine of Literature and the Arts. Published 1834-1844.