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089_Page 87Tuesday. 20.th. December. 1842.

Mild as Spring, sun shineing brightly over us.

The children went out with their father, immediately after breakfast; and a sweeter little trio, I never wish to look upon. Louis, was measured for a new pair pantaloons, and they each returned with a new pair of shoes; from Millers. Remmy, says “Now I’ve got my Christmas presents”; and danced around full of glee. They were like little Colts in the street, so enchanted to breathe the open air, not haveing been out in three weeks. I walked down Broadway, took my Boot to be mended at Middletons, met a great display of ladies, and gentlemen. My India Rubbers nesscessary [sic], but not ornamental. Maria, took dinner with us; Julie sang her comic songs for her. I had the “Two last Turkeys,” cooked this morning. Maria, told me, mother had a fall down stairs; and lamed herself; quite unfortunate for Christmas. Mr H. went to the Mercantile association” by mistake, heard “Mr Bancroft” lecture….

090_Page 88“On Genious, the spirit of the Age.” An A-__al prevented me form accompanying him, altho a pain in my bones, and the damp streets would alone have kept me at home. Read a criticism on “Allisons Europe,” to.day; it will destroy my enjoyment of the work. Our pump repaired to.day.