091_Page 89Saturday. 24. the. December. 1842.

A beautifull winters day; streets quite dry.

I sent Simon [family servant] to Chelsea with some pumpkin pies for Mother; C wrote me and she thought of rideing down; but would not since she had heard from us. My steps were then in the direction of Mr Sayers, as mon marie, had been urging me to secure my cake early in the week. I did not feel quite well, and could not eat any cake at her shop, altho she handed me a paper full to bring home. From there I went to finish my selection of presents, besides promenading up and down Broadway. The streets crowded to.day…

092_Page 90Bought a dissected Map, and book in Broadway. Spent six dollars in presents of toys. for my three children, and Sterry’s [Julia’s brother] two boys. When I returned sent Simon up to tell C. to ride down; but to my surprise mother, Maria, and David came down to spend “Christmas eve.” Mother had a bad fall in the beginning of the week, down the stairs; bruising herself very much; and yet was so imprudent as to walk down. We spent a pleasant evening; Julie, went to bed with very sore lips, and was not as agreeable as usual. David looks well, but seems quite dispirited about farming, every thing turns out poor; this season. Mr H. brought home a gold breast pin, to present Bridget Quin, with the hair of our three children arranged in it; and their names engraved on the back. The idea was mine, and I think she will be delighted with the gift. I felt rather dull to.day, G and I both were some.what out of sorts, but not out of humour. He will soon bring me in tune again, as he understands all my r____tious of sound.