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093_Page 91Monday. 26. th. December. 1842.

Warm, and delightfull day for this season.

The children were much pleased with their toys, but soon commenced the accidents, which all toys are subject too. At half past twelve, we set off in a carriage to make the long promised visit to nineteenth street. I had some confusion in getting all hands dressed for the occasion, not excepting my own toilette; which was some trouble. My pud ding dishes did not come home in time, and the next puddings gave me some trouble. We passed a pleasant day; no strangers present; the guests came late, and almost made us fear we should have to eat all the dinner ourselves. Mother, was not well, and quite lame from her fall, and over exertion in walking down here on Saturday night. The Onderdonks, and Miss Bleeker, and brother came in after tea. I played one set cotillions on the horrid old tin.kettle, I can not call it a piano. At ten Mr H. took us all home in a Cab. I was thankfull the day was ever so agreably to all…

094_Page 92Julie, was the bell of the room and sang her comic songs very well. Mr & Mrs Woodruff spent the evening. Julie received an Album, from her Grandmother: and the boys books