094_Page 92Wednesday. 28.th. December. 1842.

A very fine day, but cold.

The streets were dry, and filled with ladies to.day. I dressed Julie, and went with her to see Mrs Anelli, we sat a short time, and looked at a beautifull painting just finishing by Mr A. I looked at some head.dresses, they were all too dear- My generous husband, game me money to purchase any thing I chose, but I could not make a selection, as Julie became cold, and wished to get home. Met Maria, she returned home with us, knowing her desire to go to the concert, I asked G. to take us. The room at Niblo’s was brilliantly nibloslighted, and filled with people. The Brahms, Mrs Sutton, and daughter, did their best to entertain us, but I was ennui (1) before the first act. We returned home at ten, I do not think another concert will tempt me this winter. Made our supper on ham and bread, not nicely cut. Mr H. brought me three splendid pocket handkerchiefs, to choose from.

(1) ennui- boredom