097_Page 95Sunday. January.1 st. 1843. New York Van Dam St
A happy New Year. to 1843.
A clear, bright sky, cold, and high wind.
I did not get to Church this morning, did
not feel very well, in consequence of being too much in the wet yesterday.
Made our presents to the servants. Remsen gave Bridget her pin, she appeared delighted with the gift. Catharine, sick in bed with a face ache.

I wrote a note to Catharine, and sent Simon up with her elegant present, Maria’s also. Mother’s Cap rather shabby.
Received a note of thanks. Mr H. went with me to
Church, we had a good sermon from this solemn text. “Summer is past, the harvest ended, and we are not saved”
I thought sadly on my own ____ing, thoughtless existence,
and begged for strength to turn me from the evil of my heart.
The streets very slippery, I could scarcely hop up on my
Rubbers. G. took the children out for a short walk.
This day was not kept as it should have been,a great
many persons were induced to ride out, and transgress
the Sabbath day. Sleighs were flying in all directions.
I took a warm bath to.night.
Put all the children to bed myself, a delightfull task.